Sec of State for Work and Pensions, Damian Green. Capo dei Capi

The Department of Work and Pensions is an organised crime operation and its current boss is Damian Green. In spite of the good intentions the Labour government of 1945 had in ensuring that paying social security acted as a safety net for the vulnerable, paid for by national insurance contributions, it has become anything but that. The raison d'etre of the DWP these days is to swindle as many people as possible out of the benefits they're entitled to by fair means or foul and mainly foul. The more people who die as a result, so far the better as far as the (deep) state is concerned.

Almost every MP, whether they be Tory, Labour, Lib-Dem, SNP or Green know what's going on but not a single one of them will publicly spill the beans. Even Andy Burnham, who dared to speak a truth no other politician before or since dared to speak, immediately announced he was leaving national politics to run for the mayor of Manchester. A clear case of jumping before he was pushed. And as for what he told us, our famous "Free Press" instantly shoved it down the memory hole, proving the veracity of his statement.

For anybody who doubts the pure evil of the DWP, read this article and more importantly, watch the video here.


The DWP's Hall of Slime

Complaints Review Team Leader, Charlotte Rose. Would you trust a woman who looks like a miserly Charles Dickens character?

I have already told you the names of some of the DWP officials who framed me for benefit fraud while I was mentally impaired but there are others who are equally as inhuman and have been only too happy to cover it up. Don't forget that I am just one of thousands framed each year by the DWP and one of hundreds of thousands of victims of the DWP each year.

It's frighteneing to think that when they were children all of these "public servants" gambolled merrily about with their little friends in all innocence. Who would have thought back then that they would grow up to be the most degenerate, heartless slimeballs who, if there was any justice, would be doing time.

So stand up and take a bow, Complaints Review Team Leader, Charlotte Rose. It was after I sent an email to Damian Green in January 2017, attaching the Data Protection Print-Out audit trail of my ESA award, telling him to refer the matter to the police, that I was contacted by Charlotte Rose. She told me that my "concerns" would be addressed by her team. I immediately replied, informing her there was good reason I wanted this referred to the police, including: Whiteside told me I didn't tell the DWP my wife was working when the transcript of my claim proves that I did; the transcript proves the amendment of the computer record of my award, made on 10th June 2011, to be a forgery including the name of someone who doesn't exist; that the fake anonymous tip-off report proves Whiteside committed perjury in his affidavit to the court.

I followed this up by asking Rose to confirm that the audit trail had been deleted and if not to send it to me. I queried her response asking if she was implying she would not give me an answer to this but she said this wasn't the case and reiterated that my "concerns" would be addressed. She lied.

Next up to take a bow is a non-entity named Chris Thwaites who in his letter to me displayed the sheer arrogance typical of his parasitic ilk by rolling out the tired old lies that I made my claim on 3rd June 2011 and didn't tell the DWP that my wife was working. He followed this by stating that as the judge (shyster no 3, Alex Durance) dismissed my appeal then that's all folks! He did though, tell me that if I wasn't happy with this reply then I could write to the non-entity on high, Andrew Rhodes. As usual, I did a little research to find that Rhodes, who's acedemic record peaks at a comprehensive school, had come from being a call centre bod to DWP Director General in just 20 years! If this one doesn't stink of the malignant hand of The Brotherhood then I'm the Wizard of Oz!

Naturally, I wrote to Rhodes, which included the litany of crimes committed by his subordinates and how I possessed all the evidence to prove what I claimed. see the document 'Letter to the non-entity on high'. True to form, I received short shrift not from the almighty Rhodes but from a colleague of Rose, a puffed-up bimbo named Sharon Musgrave, who told me she was replying on behalf of Rhodes. I'm sure Musgrave is a dab hand at delivering the coup de gras for what is always a fait accompli. see the document 'The Musgrave Ritual'.


Letter to the non-entity on high

Here I lay it on the line for these filthy criminal slimeballs.

The Musgrave Ritual

"refer it to the police and for the police to decide if there is a case to investigate" knowing full well the traitorous police never investigate these crimes. Ilse Koch had nowt on Musgrave!