Auschwitz beauty pageant, Bau und Arbeits Battalion (BAB) 21, circa 1944. Gunner George Grace standing on the right.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

An astronomical number of people receiving state benefits, between 600,000 and 700,000 are sanctioned each year. Since the introduction of JSA and ESA in 2008 getting on for 40,000 receiving these two benefits have been cautioned but I don’t have the figures for the numbers prosecuted. How many have been framed is anybody’s guess.

It is so common for police officers to be convicted and imprisoned for various forms of misconduct that they are only reported in local newspapers. Yet, I have not been able to find a single case of a DWP fraud investigator, who have the reputation of snakes, even being prosecuted for misconduct. I have discovered why not.

At the end of 2016, I made Freedom of Information requests to the Crown Prosecution Service and the DWP. The results are:

Since 1st January 2009 to June 2016, the number of police officers who have been prosecuted as a result of complaints by members of the public is 1,293.

The number of DWP officials who have been prosecuted for anything at all is a resounding...wait for it...ZERO. Well, tickle me on the tummy with a ten pound turbot!

In January 2013 when I received a copy of my ESA award with my wife's maiden name and made up answers to questions about my financial circumstances, I was naieve enough to think that once I had shown the evidence to the judge at my appeal, the game would be up for the degenerate filth who framed me and this truly evil and inhuman scam. On the contrary, anyone who reads my story can see that both the police and judges ignored the evidence which proved me innocent in order to protect the guilty. In so doing, these traitors made themselves guilty.

As long as treasonous chief constables are allowed to enforce their illegal edicts, millions of people receiving state benefits are sitting ducks to be defrauded and framed for benefit fraud every year.

At the time of writing, Jon Murphy is retiring to take up cushy number at the Liverpool John Moore's University Centre for Advanced Policing Studies, as a reward for loyal service to The Brotherhood no doubt. I wonder how many victims, nationally, there have been since he fobbed me off back in October 2013 and how many after not just having their benefits taken away but criminalised have died as a result.

I also wasted my time telling that useless dimwit and Zionist harpy, Jane Kennedy, the Police and Crime Commissioner, that her job is not to be Murphy's best mate but hold him to account and dismiss him for being an accomplice to my being framed. She didn't even record my complaint so I complained to the Independent Police Cover-up Commission, who fell into line hiding behind the 'statutory body' garbage.

My most recent attempt is, to my own surprise, the DWP. I can't even remember what I contacted them about but have told Jacqui Brand of the Fraud and Error Service to look at the audit trail and check the DWP's 'bundle' as its fraudulent. see 'Letter to DWP'

What really angers me most af all is the violation of Article 7 and how today's useless clowns who are supposed to dispense justice, lack any sense of morality, history or patriotism.

Phil Grace, June 2016

Update: On 27th July, the DWP replied via the new fraud manager in Liverpool. Remember it is these members of the fraud team who prey upon vulnerable victims, criminally amending their awards from contribution-based to means-tested, interviewing them under caution for fraud over claims that have not been made and for which the DWP has no record, all at the tax payers expense. How apt that the name of this bloodsucker is Christopher Lee. See the document 'Letter from a vampire'.

In September, I wrote to Dracula telling him that if he didn't give me the name of the person who amended my ESA award on 10th June 2011 I would hold him personally responsible for what this criminal act has done to me and my family. His arrogant response is below. see 'Dracula's response'.

The reason that DWP officials such as Dracula can be so arrogant is because they know that they are untouchable. The reason they are untouchable is because of the treason of Luciferian chief constables and because the Courts and Tribunals Service is controlled by and infested with shysters who, like the chief constables, consider those on benefits, especially those with disabilities, to be subhuman.

As Merseyside Police haven't given me its decision on my appeal within the time it specified, which is par for the course, I am publishing the appeal text below. This is the fourth time I have notified the police of this hate crime in writing and the fourth time the police have criminally failed to record it. If this isn't collusion with the DWP then I don't know what is.

On the 11th October, Karen "cover-up" Cummings knocked back my appeal on the same grounds as her underlings, which is my complaint is outside the time limit, not only covering up the lies of Richards but once again covering up the non-recording of my hate crime report. She even advises me to retain a solicitor if I want to pursue the hate crime. You couldn't make it up! You have to admire the chutzpah of Cummings when she tells me "Whilst not upholding your appeal, hopefully my review gives you the confidence that your concerns and complaint have been dealt with fairly and transparently."

see the document 'How to report a HATE crime'.

Seeing the slogan at the bottom of the page which reads "preventing crime, protecting people", my advice to Merseyside Police when they are duping those on benefits is to change it to "enabling crime, criminalising people".

In December 2016 and much to my surprise, the Public Accounts Committee published my submission to its inqiry into benefit sanctions which can be found here.

Today, 28th October, 2017, I posted my claim for exemplary damages of at least £10,000 from Merseyside Police for illegally refusing to record and investigate the disability hate crime perpetrated against me by officials of the DWP. As far as I am aware, a case like this has never made it to court, so let's wait and see what happens.


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Yours truly, in my student days. These days I have a lot more wisdom, a lot more anger and a lot less hair.

Letter to DWP

I already emailed Jacqui Brand telling her all the evidence proving her own team framed me and covered it up is at her fingertips.

Letter from a vampire

See how easy it is for these degenerates to dismiss the truth by saying they find no evidence.

Dracula's response

'no new information' because they have always known my ESA award was changed on 10th June 2011.

Appeal Text

How to report a HATE crime

Police advice for those on benefits who wish to report a hate crime is "take further legal advice in relation to this matter at your own expense". She's a better comedian than Andy Cooke!