Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick. Traitor and former commander of the notorious SO19 death squad.

Traitor: One who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty.

Treason: The crime of betraying one's country.

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination. Article 7, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What a state the United Kingdom has come to when the most senior police officer in the country is the woman responsible for the most brutal state sanctioned killing of an innocent person since Henry II ordered the slaying of Thomas a Becket in 1170.

Cressida "Common Purpose" Dick's extraordinary rise through the ranks was also supported by none other than arch traitor, Ian "four miserable bombers" Blair, the idiot who forgot he wasn't supposed to regurgitate the 7/7 script he'd swallowed earlier. I mean, did you ever hear or read of an atrocity like this described as "miserable"? "inhuman", "horrific", "barbaric", yeah, but "miserable" is normally reserved for humans as in "miserable lying copper".

In March 2017, I reached out to Cressida Dick on several occasions emailing her the link to my PAC submission and proof not only of my being framed for benefit fraud while mentally impaired but also of the ongoing cover-up by the DWP. All of this was sent as evidence against Damian Green, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, as he is responsible for the actions of his officials. But I heard zilch from her or her goon squad which surrounds her.

I then decided to send her by post, the pages of the Data Protection Print-Out, proving the switch from contribution-based to income-based and what remained of the audit trail after it was deleted. This was proof of the destruction of evidence. See the documents 'ATAS audit trail page 1' and 'ATAS audit trail page 2'

This did however, elicit a response from DI Gail Granville of the Special Enquiry Team, writing on behalf of Commissioner Dick. see the document 'Letter of Betrayal'.

Firstly, she swerves the ministerial responsibility of Green by stating that because the DWP has 83,332 employees, he isn't responsible for all of their actions. Yes he is, when a crime is so vile, undoubtedly systemic and the Fraud and Error Service are covering it up! No surpise really, coming from the buffoon in charge of the Operation Kratos hit who wouldn't take responsibility for the horrific murder of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Secondly, and here comes the treason, she states that the crimes against me "are not criminal offences that the police would investigate". Then what on earth is the point of the police Oath of Attestation and the Counting Rules? She is confirming that the police never investigate any crimes committed by the DWP or its officials against those in receipt of state benefits. This is confirmation of what I have stated on this website. This vindication is bittersweet of course as it changes nothing.

Prior to contacting Cressida Dick I sent the following FOI request to about a dozen police forces including the Met: "I should be most grateful if you would cite me the legislation which permits the police not to record reports of crimes, including serious indictable offences such as perverting the course of justice and hate crimes, if the victim is receiving state benefits and the alleged perpetrator is an official of the Department of Work and Pensions." Most of the responses told me there was no such legislation and a couple stated it was not an FOI related request.

A few days after I received the letter, I sent DI Granville the following email:

Dear DI Granville,

Thank you for your letter dated 4th May 2017, in response to my emails asking the police to prosecute Damian Green.

As several police constabularies have informed me that there is no legislation which permits the police to discriminate against those on benefits just because the DWP is a 'statutory body', which is the excuse the police use, I should appreciate it if you would inform me why the police have designated those in receipt of state benefits as subhuman in relation to the DWP?

Yours sincerely,

Philip Grace

Did I say "treason"? Cressida Dick and the word 'treason' are synonymous. No sooner has Dick been appointed the boss and we have a full blown hoax terror attack where the police have been, quite literally, caught with their pants down. "Move along now, nothing to see here." Update - too true, as the video has been deleted!





ATAS audit trail page 1

I asked for the audit trail for June 2011 which would show who did what and when.

ATAS audit trail page 2

One line of gibberish not even showing my full name and date of birth. A bit like a comedy film where all that's left of someone is a pair of smoking boots.

Letter of Betrayal

Merseyside Police Chief Constable, Jon Murphy

Chief Constable Jon Murphy. Traitor, hypocrite and liar.

The reason Merseyside Police do not record, never mind investigate, crimes against those on benefits by employees of the DWP is because the chief constable, Jon Murphy, enforces an edict to that effect and hides behind the status of the DWP being a statutory body. This bollocks is not only a breach of his own oath of office but a breach of his legal obligation under Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 which states 'leading the force in a way that is consistent with the attestation made by all constables on appointment and ensuring that it acts with impartiality'.

Clearly, Chief Constable Jon Murphy is a traitor who has betrayed the British people by deliberately abandoning his duty to protect us from criminals within the DWP when we are receiving benefits. I also assert that Murphy has also committed treason against the United Kingdom and its people due to the sheer number of probable victims and the likelihood that many may have been driven to commit suicide or simply died after not just having their benefits taken away but criminalised too.

But far worse, in my opinion, it is a violation of Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by the government of the United Kingdom in 1948. This law came about because of the sacrifice of the lives of hundreds of thousands of British subjects among the scores of millions who perished in World War Two and the suffering of many more. Maybe Jon Murphy doesn't consider it of any relevance but I do.

The hypocrisy of Murphy knows no limits. In January 2015 just eighteen months after he fobbed me off, failing to even record my report of the hate crime against me, he had the chutzpah to say this to the Liverpool Echo "“We have to protect the vulnerable - young people facing neglect, abuse or exploitation, victims of domestic abuse, the elderly and those suffering mental health issues." Yes, very eloquent. This kind of vomit inducing bull was no surprise though.

In 2014, I complained to the Press Complaints Commission over a letter published anonymously by the Liverpool Echo that oozed racial hatred towards black people. The author of this bile filled piece used the jailing of the black judge, Constance Briscoe, to insinuate in a not very subtle way that blacks are not fit to be judges because of that age old canard that all blacks are criminals. In what I believe was a landmark decision, the PCC agreed with me that the letter was racist towards all black people. I wrote to Murphy reminding him that he had pubicly stated that "there is no place for racism in society" and that a detective of the hate squad who had fobbed me off when I first reported it had proven him a hypocrite. I received a phone call and promise that the author would be interviewed and Ms Briscoe informed. A week later the same officer, Christian Vaughan, informed me no action would be taken. Naturally, I asked why not and was told because the attack on Ms Briscoe could be because she is female. Oh, yeah, when in 2013 there were over 800 female judges and there have been female judges since the early 60's. I don't know if the author was a fellow member of The Brotherhood or of the ilk of Murphy's masters such as David Hewitt, but the detective who fobbed me off first time told me it had been logged as a racist incident. Oops! (see below for PCC decision)

And how about this for a double standard: Judge Constance Briscoe jailed for allegedly altering a statement to clear an innocent victim of being falsely convicted whereas Judge David Hewitt who after seeing with his own eyes that I had been framed for fraud while I was mentally impaired then framed me himself and the police don't lift a finger!

It is often said and accurately, that those who prey on and perpetrate crimes upon the mentally vulnerable are "the lowest of the low". It is logical, therefore, to say that someone whose duty it is to prevent such crimes but allows them to happen is "lower than the lowest of the low" or in this case, Merseyside Police Chief Constable, Jon Murphy.


Press Complaints Commission Decision

The PCC makes such a decision and Murphy does nothing.

Merseyside Police Chief Constable, Andy Cooke

Chief Constable, Andy "Coco the Clown" Cooke. Not just another traitor, hypocrite and liar but also a coward.

The new chief constable, Andy Cooke, is off to a flying start. During an interview in July with local radio talk show host and celeb, Pete Price, which was published in the Liverpool Echo he said "There is no such thing as a cover up in Merseyside Police". At an event marking National Hate Crime Awareness Week in Liverpool in October he said "There is no place for hate crime in society". Clearly, hypocrisy and lying are highly desirable qualities for the job of chief goon.

Perhaps, though there is another, more sinister quality, above these which determines who gets the top job and the following story may provide a clue.

In 2010, after the massacre of 1400 defenceless Palestinian men, women and children during Operation Cast Lead, Lancashire Police brought the M65, one of the north wests busiest arteries to a grinding halt, causing road chaos for several hours.  A dozen police vehicles, a police helicopter and scores of police officers ambushed a tiny aid convoy of three vans on its way to Gaza. What covert cargo could it possible have been carrying? Why, medicines and toys of course. Thousands of motorists and juggernauts delayed for hours for three vans full of medicines and toys. Dear, oh dear. Did the Inspector Clouseau in charge of this almighty cock-up get the sack? Was he demoted? Unfortunately, not. And who was this genius? guessed it, step forward, that fount of all knowledge and new Merseyside Chief Constable, Andy Cooke. Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!

You can read about this public relations triumph here.

If Cooke was an honourable Japanese man he would have done the honourable thing. But in this Alice in Wonderland world we live in today, he did just what the useless Merseyside Police Crime Commissioner and Israel worshipper, Jane Kennedy, expected him to do. So, much so, he was a shoo-in for her appointment as the new Merseyside Police chief goonstable. 

Since his promotion from assistant chief constable of Lancashire Police to chief constable of Merseyside Police, I have written several letters to Cooke asking him to recind the illegal edict preventing his officers recording crimes against those on benefits by officials of the DWP but his gatekeeper, DI Martin Earl, keeps parroting the 'statutory body' garbage. He also threw in the Home Office Counting Rules for good measure which just says the DWP can prosecute claimants for alleged fraud and that's it. Nothing about the DWP being a police no-go area.

In February 2017, I put Cooke to the test and sent him an email attaching the documentary proof that the DWP's submission to the court was fraudulent, framing me for benefit fraud. I finished it off by reminding him of the official response and his FOI lie thus..."So, Chief Constable Cooke, which is it to be? You won't record these crimes because the DWP is a statutory body with its own complaints procedure or you will record and investigate these crimes because there is no seperate policy regarding crimes committed by DWP officials?" 

You guessed was the former. Clearly, Chief Constable Andy Cooke isn't fit to police a conker fight.



Maria Eagle, MP

Maria Eagle MP. Traitor.

You don't have to swear an oath of loyalty to Queen and country to be a traitor but it helps.

In October, 2013, I contacted my MP, Maria Eagle, and arranged to see her on a Saturday at her office on Speke Boulevard near where I live.

The first thing I said was the police told me they had no jurisdiction to investigate the DWP, which I later discovered is untrue. She said 'that's right' because the DWP is a statutory body. I then told her this meant that the DWP can frame whoever it likes for fraud with impunity and she boasted 'Yes, they can'. I told her that I had been framed. I firstly referred to the transcript of my telephone claim of 31st May, 2011 where I said I was married to Mrs Brenda Grace. I then referred to the ESA record of the award with the name Miss Brenda K. She sat in her chair listening to me. Next to her was another woman I later learnt is named Hetty Wood. When I read her the correspondence from the HMR&C with the maiden name of my wife instead of her married name and told her this was how the DWP switched my award, she reared out of her chair like Tom the cat jabbed in the behind with a giant needle by Jerry Mouse. She raced up to me shouting almost hysterically, “it’s a mistake, it’s a mistake!”. I showed her the documents while she was saying ”it can’t be, no!” Then she said “it must have come from the NI number” to which I answered “no it hasn’t. Where did they get my daughter’s name from” My daughter, Leila, was one and a half years old then, she is six now and still doesn’t have an NI number. She calmed down and returned to her seat. I glanced at Hetty Wood who was giving me daggers. Indeed, the visceral hatred for me as a man emanating from these two misandrist harpies was tangible.

I then showed Eagle the question Tanya asked me about compensation and the one Whiteside said I was asked telling her there was a difference. She read Tanya’s then Whiteside’s and said there was no difference. I said there was, so she read it again saying once again there was no difference. Once again I said there was and she read it again. This time she shouted “they’re the same”. I said “one says waiting to hear about and the other doesn’t”. She told me to leave my dossier with her and before I left I said “make sure you show it to a lawyer”, to which she replied indignantly, “I am a lawyer.”

After the meeting with Maria Eagle I had formed the impression that she knew all about this vile scam which is why she almost had a fit when I showed her where the wrong name for my wife came from.

One day the following week, I received a call on my mobile phone from Hetty Wood who said “Maria has read your letter, what do you want her to do?” I said “I want her to help me have Whiteside arrested”, She said “he’s done nothing wrong”. I said “what? He’s conducted an interview with a forged telephone claim form.” to which Wood snapped “Prove it!” I thought, “My God, is this the help you get from your MP?” I told her I had a tape recording of the interview and asked her about his invented question. Wood said “you were asked it”. I said I wasn’t and she replied something about just because she didn’t ask me it, it doesn’t mean you have been framed, to which I said “thank you” and ended the call.

The following week I received a letter from Eagle with a cut and paste quote from a letter sent to me by Whiteside's boss, Rob Atherton. She told me there was no evidence of criminality. Really? As can be seen in the correspondence below it is illegal to offer a caution when there has been no admission of an offence. Eagle, isn't just a traitor and shyster, she is an utter dimwit too.

(see below for Eagle's letter and my response)

Later, I discovered that at the time that ESA and JSA were being formulated and introduced, Maria Eagle was a junior minister at...the DWP! Perhaps she came up with this great wheeze to frame people by switching the status. It is also a disgrace that someone like Maria Eagle is supposed to represent people she despises as most of her constituents in the Speke and Garston ward are receiving benefits. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other  MPs like her, who aren't fit to sit in Justin's House, never mind the House of Commons.

In 2014 during Israel's razing of most of Gaza and the massacre of thousands of defenceless Palestinians including over 500 children, I petitioned Maria Eagle to urge the Zionist government of David Cameron, to condemn Israel. Maria Eagle's letter to me in response told me that this slaughter was a 'strategic error' by Israel. Maria Eagle, like most of these New Labour types, is almost as devoid of humanity as the IDF.


Page 1 of Maria Eagle's response

Confirms I was offered a caution when I had made no admissions. This is illegal and grounds to prosecute Whiteside, his boss Rob Atherton and Maria Eagle.

Page 2 of Maria Eagle's response

"empathetic way of closing the matter" read "expedient way of framing him"

My response to Maria Eagle

Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy

Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy. Another traitor.

"The Home Office is not responsible for investigation and charging decisions in individual cases, this is the responsibility of the Chief Officer of a police force." Lisa Gregson, Home Office

When a politician takes an oath to serve and protect the public, the public expects them to mean it. The Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, never had any intention of abiding by her oath. She is just another lousy, parasitic jobsworth. Instead of giving “voice to the public, especially victims of crime” she suppresses that voice.

I wrote to Kennedy in March informing her that Chief Constable Jon Murphy had ordered every one of his officers to illegally discriminate against those on benefits by not recording crimes committed against them by employees of the DWP. She responded by telling me it was nothing to do with her. I replied quoting this worse than useless dimwit what her role is, which includes “to hold Chief Constables and the force to account”. This exchange culminated in her non-recording of my complaint for the reason that there was no evidence of Murphy’s misconduct. (See ‘Kennedy’s betrayal’). Really? I beg to differ…

“14. Police officers act with fairness and impartiality. They do not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.” Police Misconduct Investigation Guide 2012

I took her advice and appealed to the Independent Police Cover-up Commission who disgracefully parroted the ‘statutory body’ garbage to disallow my appeal. See 'IPCC abandon those on benefits'.

Good to see that Kennedy's loyalty extends to having Merseyside Police trained by the child-killers of the IDF in Krav Maga. This disgusting unarmed murder combat was first practised on Britsh soldiers captured by Jewish terrorists in Palestine. I'm sure the IDF heroes are laughing their heads off about this one. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that these death holds were used to subdue a young black man who died when being detained by Merseyside Police at the Liverpool 1 shopping mall in the summer of 2016.

Kennedy's betrayal

Kennedy's unterscharfuhrer, Dr Joanne Liddy, informs me that my complaint about Murphy's misconduct is "an abuse of procedure". Jawohl!

IPCC abandon those on benefits

IPCC also hides behind 'statutory body' garbage. This idiot pretends not to know the difference between a complaint and a report of serious criminal offences.

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