I thought if I found just one journalist who was intelligent enough to understand the evidence which as far as I'm concerned, a child can see proves I was framed, then I could get the scam exposed and brought to an end. I was to learn that the media, like so many MPs, give the rest of us a false picture of what they are really all about. The news media has no intention of holding the government to account but is more like a propaganda agent for it.

I tried emailing several national newspapers including The Guardian and the Daily Mail. I also contacted Channel 4 News, the BBC in London, Andy Gill of BBC Northwest and Angela Heslop, producer of the Roger Phillips talk show on BBC Radio Merseyside. The only response was from Angela Heslop, who then asked a colleague, Pauline McAdam, to contact me. Pauline asked me to send her my evidence with a proviso that they may not respond. They didn't.

I tried my local newspaper the Liverpool Echo, after I read an article in it by Jade Wright on the plight of those on benefits. I sent her a letter explaining the scam and how breaking the story could be an opportunity that doesn't come often for a young reporter these days. Needless to say, I heard zilch. In November 2016, I wrote to the Echo's senior crime correspondent, John Siddle, telling him that: I had read articles stating that the MSM is just a government propaganda outlet and asked him to prove this wrong; informed him that Merseyside Police illegally refuse to record crimes committed by employees of the DWP against those on benefits; would he contact me. You guessed it, once again I heard zilch and he didn't prove those articles wrong.

I recently called into the local Radio City talk show by local celeb Pete Price. I would like to thank him for giving me a chance to explain the scam although I don't think he understood that what I was telling him was proof of a very serious crime. Then again he is very much an Establishment person. He was extremely sceptical that no one was willing to help me if I didn't have a case and he ended up calling me a conspiracy theorist. Not very tactful considering the Hillsborough families who have recently been vindicated have been called conspiracy theorists for years.

To answer Pete Price's question about why nobody has been willing to help me if I have a case, well, I think that's obvious. If just one person out of the tens of thousands cautioned and prosecuted for fraud and the millions sanctioned can prove that they have been framed, how many others have? This isn't something "the elite" or as I prefer to call them, "the cabal" would exactly welcome. 

After reading in 2017 about the appalling treatment of Georgina Ball and the tragic death (manslaughter? murder?) of Elaine Morrall, I phoned the newsdesk of The Independent which was one of several newspapers which carried the story. I informed the chap there that the DWP could commit almost any crime it wants against those on benefits with impunity and told him I had it in writing from the Met, on behalf of Cressida Dick, that the police never investigate such allegations. I then explained the MO the DWP uses to frame the mentally vulnerable. He told me the DWP was doing its job by getting me what I deserved. I said "you don't understand. The status of the claim is changed covertly and the victim is accused of failing to declare their spouse or partner is working and any other income." He chuckled and said, "this is a story we wouldn't report."

The Pete Price Stitch-up Show

Talk show host and local celeb, Pete Price, sharing a joke with his mates.

Possibly, the only venue where members of the public can exercise the right to freedom of speech is live talk radio. What is noticeable however, is that even here there is very little discussion permitted about any alternatives to the Establishment narrative. For example, you will never hear an honest exchange on whether aeroplanes really made the Twin Towers explode into fine dust.

Recently I connected to the Peter Price talk show on my laptop and lo and behold who is tonight’s guest? None other than the new chief constable for Merseyside Police, Andy Cooke. I thought “how ominous is that?”, my having inundated him with letters about the non-recording of my hate crime and the non-recording of DWP crimes against those on benefits. Pete Price was asking listeners to call in and put their questions directly to Cooke. I paced the room like a caged tiger and then decided to call and confront Cooke with his treason. I knew that if I gave my name as Phil he may suspect it was me but as unlike the police, I don’t lie, I decided to use my real name. I spoke to that evening’s gatekeeper named Matt who asked me what subject I wanted to discuss with Cooke and I said “hate crimes towards the mentally vulnerable”. Matt said “hate crimes to the mentally in trouble?”. I said no “the mentally vulnerable”. He said “okay we’ll call you back”. This is routine as they call back when they are ready to take your question. Well, I rehearsed what I would say, starting with getting Cooke to confirm the police must by law, record hate crimes and then ask him what he thought of my interview under caution. There had only been two calls in, both from cabbies. One asked about motor scrambler bikes and another, who kept Cooke waiting for about four minutes while he collected a fare, asked Cooke about fares who do a runner.

The subject changed to hate crime and I expected the phone to ring but what happened? I heard Price say to Cooke “we have a question from Phil, who wants to know how you deal with hate crime” or something like that and I thought “what the ….”. I immediately phoned back asking Matt what the hell was going on as I wanted to speak to Cooke and he told me Price asked my question and Cooke answered it. I said, we have been asked to put questions to Cooke not Price, and I said Price didn’t know how to challenge him. He mumbled about other callers waiting and rang off. No other callers came on for the few minutes I listened to them waffling about restructuring or some such tripe.

What a frigging stitch-up! No doubt about it that Pete ‘man of the people’ Price is an Establishment gatekeeper and Cooke, in addition to his other rotten qualities, is a low-down poltroon.