Interview Under Caution

Sir Laurence Olivier in "Marathon Man" as Dr Szell. He had nowt on Edward Whiteside

On 12 January 2012, I was interviewed under caution, accused of benefit fraud, at the Fraud Investigation Service office in Toxteth, Liverpool. The interview was a breach of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act as I was a mentally vulnerable person on my own. The Act states that I should have been with an ‘appropriate adult’. Edward Whiteside, the senior fraud investigator who was accompanied by a colleague, Jimmy George, knew that I was under the supervision of the Royal Liverpool Hospital and who my consultant was. If they had have written to him to ask if I was fit enough to be interviewed he would have said "absolutely not".

I shall just point to some of the salient points of this interview.

  1. The basis of the interview was that I misrepresented my financial circumstances in a claim I never made and for which the DWP has no record.

  2. The form Whiteside had in front of him was not a copy of a second telephone claim form to add the non-existent Miss Brenda K as he told me it was but a copy of the forged ESA record.

  3. When I denied a second claim to add my wife he said "we can’t make the answers up. Here is your partner’s name and they have written Brenda K. Err, that’s her maiden name.” To which I answered "Yes", thus proving I was totally unfit to be interviewed as I didn’t have a clue what he had in front of him or comprehend the significance of what he just told me.

  4. Whiteside lied when he said someone had called anonymously to report Brenda was working while I was receiving ESA. He simply tracks the spouse or partner on the HMR&C database.

  5. Whiteside tells me I didn't tell them Brenda was working as a cleaner. This sewer rat didn't know I had included Brenda and told Tanya she was working as a cleaner. This fact guaranteed I wasn't awarded the income-related version I didn't even know existed and proves this stinking, inhuman scam. (see below for ducumented proof).
  6. He lied when he said I didn’t remove Brenda from my claim when I discovered she was on it.

  7. He told me one of the questions I was asked was "do you receive or are you waiting to receive any income from any pensions, permanent health insurance or compensation?" He told me that my answer of "No" wasn't true because I was waiting to hear about my income protection payments. I asked him when was I asked this and he said "on 3rd June". When I made my claim I knew I was unwell and listened damn hard to the questions so I wouldn't give the wrong answer. I said I didn't remember being asked that question...and I was right as I wasn't. (see below)
  8. I stuck to my guns that I always thought I was receiving contribution-based ESA and I didn’t know there is a means-tested version.

  9. I maintained that I didn’t have to inform them of my income protection payments because I thought I was receiving contribution-based ESA.

  10. When I was asked if I would repay the overpayment I answered "of course".

After the formalities were over and the tape recorder switched off, Jimmy George, who hardly said anything, but I believe knew that Whiteside had framed me, told me that if the DWP was at fault I shouldn’t have to repay the overpayment. When I stood up to leave Whiteside said "will you accept a caution" to which I replied "no chance". I later discovered it is illegal to offer a caution when there has been no admission of an offence.

I came out of the benefit office with two thoughts in my head "what a liar Whiteside is" and "how many people has he framed?".

In June, I was sent a letter telling me I was responsible for the overpayment and had one month to appeal. A few days later I received a letter from Whiteside threatening to prosecute me over the whopping lie that I admitted criminal offences during the interview because of mine and Brenda's income. He used the threat to offer me a caution. This was clearly misconduct due to a malicious exercise of Whiteside's authority. I appealed on the grounds that my ESA award had been covertly switched from status CB to IR. I also asked how my wife, as I then thought, had been added to the award and for an investigation into the behaviour of Whiteside who I wrote had lied throughout the interview. I also told them about Whiteside's letter and that I most certainly did not admit any criminal offences. A year later, Whiteside's boss, Rob Atherton, admitted I had made no admissions of criminal offences and Whiteside's letter was an 'administrative error'. Yeah, one that Whiteside signed! (see below)

Verminous fraud investigators like Edward Whiteside cannot frame benefit recipients alone, they need accomplices. Enter stage cesspit, Allison Johnston. This middle-ranking, pen-pusher with the heart of Catherine de Medici, simply had to lie that I received my first income protection payment on 3rd June, 2011 supposedly prior to my claim, when she and anyone else at the DWP could see that I claimed on 31st May, 2011. She could also see from the bank statement that I received my first payment of this income from Trent Services on 7th June, 2011. see the documents 'Johnston's crime page 1', 'Johnston's crime page 2' and 'Trent payment'.


Interview mentally impaired

Confirmation that I was mentally impaired and Whiteside's lie I made a second claim on 3rd June, 2011.

Interview Transcript - Whiteside tells me I didn't tell the DWP Brenda was working

Whiteside tells me I didn't tell them Brenda was working as a cleaner. This is because my ESA award that he changed was contribution-based as I didn't qualify for income-related.

Claim Transcript - I tell Tanya that Brenda is working as a cleaner

These vermin who set me up had no idea I had included Mrs Brenda Grace and told Tanya she was working as a cleaner thus guaranteeing I was awarded contribution-based ESA.

Interview fabricated question

Fabricated question and Whiteside's lie that I made second claim on 3rd June, 2011.

Whiteside 1

First page of Whiteside's letter threatening to prosecute me in order to intimidate me into accepting a caution.

Whiteside 2

Second page of Whiteside's letter with his signature.

Johnston's crime page 1

You can bet that this inhuman behaviour is routine for many DWP office wallahs.

Johnston's crime page 2

Her 'material fact' is, of course, a material lie. All in a day's work for our law abiding citizen, Allison Johnston.

Trent Payment

After setting me up, this filth Whiteside, invaded mine and my wife's privacy using the fraud act to access and acquire our bank details but confirms first income protection payment on 7th June 2011.